The Members

We are a business angel network comprised of private investors, family offices, and venture funds investing in technology startups across the Golden Triangle since 2001. Members collaborate through our investment events and online platform to select investments from the screened dealflow. The diversity of our membership enables the group to leverage expert opinions in the due diligence process and access the best available opportunties.

Our quarterly conventions are supported by four Corporate Sponsors and members gain access to research, key note speeches and new opportunities for investment. For information on our corporate sponsors please follow the links on our sponsors page.

Membership Summary

Membership of Cambridge Capital Group gives investors easy access to the most exciting early stage technology investments in the UK – we finance ground-breaking new technologies and co-invest with specialists.

Deal flow

Members gain access to the most promising opportunities being screened across The Golden Triangle.

Syndicated Investment

Members are able to invest alongside specialist funds and participate in funding rounds syndicated with our partner networks.


Access to the network’s expertise to support the due diligence process and collaborative sharing of due diligence on deals syndicated by the group.


Ability to develop relationships with a sophisticated group of investors with a focus on the angel investment ecosystem.

Cambridge Capital Group dinners are kindly sponsored by:

  • Cambridge Innovation Capital
  • IQ Capital Partners
  • Cambridge Judge Business School