Investment Criteria

Cambridge Capital Group is a business angel network comprised of private investors, family offices, and venture funds that have been investing in technology startups across the Golden Triangle since 2001. We screen opportunities between the seed and series A stage, raising from £150,000 to £2m in S/EIS eligible equity financing. Our members actively invest in a wide range of opportunities across all technology sectors. Our geographic focus is on startups based in the UK where we seek disruptive technologies that are highly defensible and offer unique advantages to their marketplace.

Please note, we do NOT invest in consumer focused businesses, unless the solution is clearly defensible, well-differentiated and operating in an attractive market. In these cases opportunities will only be screened if introduced by one of the members or close associates.

Geographic Location

Geographically we focus on companies based in the UK centring on The Golden Triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford.


We actively review a wide range of hi-tech opportunities under a variety of categories including Medtech, Biotech, Agritech, Software, AI, and Life Sciences.


Our network place a strong emphasis on defensible intellectual property, which would be difficult to replicate.

Investment Size

We provide funding for early-stage opportunities within the Seed to Series A phase, raising from £100,000 to £2m.


Investors are looking for opportunities with the potential to return 5X and above within 5 to 8 years.


  • GJE Intellectual Property
  • Incubyte
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Signia Wealth
  • Taylor Vinters
  • UK Business Angels Association
  • Venture Founders