Cambridge Capital Group is actively investigating a wide range of opportunities in exciting sectors across The Golden Triangle . We seek disruptive technologies and products that offer unique advantages to their markets.

Please note, we do NOT usually invest in consumer focused businesses, unless a well-differentiated project with an attractive market has been put forward by one of the members or a close associate. These need to demonstrate clear demand for their offering and preferably early market traction.

Investment size

We can provide funding for early stage businesses at seed, start-up or early growth phases. Cambridge Capital Group members invest from £50,000 to £1,000,000 whether it is to file patents or participate in syndicated funding rounds. We co-invest with many of the other leading angel groups. Some of our members are able to provide significant further funding as a portfolio business develops.

(Please contact Patrick Farrant or Chris Keen at Taylor Vinters via the adjacent link to enquire about standard investment agreements and terms usually required by angel investors).


Most of our members require a portfolio company to qualify for EIS tax reliefs. To enquire about EIS tax reliefs please contact Adrian Bennett at PwC, via the adjacent link.

Generally Cambridge Capital Group investors are looking for defensible IP to provide a barrier to entry by competitors. (Please contact Fiona Stevens at Gill Jennings & Every by the sponsor's link adjacent for advice on filing patents).

Key factors are significant competitive advantage in technology and product, management that has a realisable commercial vision and willingness to recruit appropriately, clear route to market, possibility of rapid commercial exploitation, and an exit strategy via trade sale or listing within 3-5 years. We normally expect a board observer seat or non-executive directorship in each portfolio with the normal investor protections.


Unless a proposition can realistically promise a 5X capital return within 3 years or a 10X return within 5 years angel investors will not generally consider it, on account of the risks and high failure rates of start-up businesses.

Geographic location

Our geographic range extends through the East of England, east Midlands, London and the South-east. We are interested in promising companies in this wider region. On occasion we will consider companies further afield, if there is a direct connection with our network of members.

The Chief Executive of Cambridge Capital Group also serves on the credit committee of the Finance East Growth Loan Scheme aimed at supporting post-revenue growth companies in the region.